Conspiracies, vast and imaginary

Posted by Deepish Thinker on September 28, 2009
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Bill Clinton apparently believes that the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that undermined his presidency (Did Republicans smuggle buxom interns into the White house?) is diminished but not dead.

This vast right-wing conspiracy theory is just as dopey as the vast left-wing conspiracy theory that remains very popular on Fox News.

Isn’t it about time that America’s leaders came to to accept that some people will inevitably oppose their policies, dislike them personally, or find some other reason to make their lives as difficult as possible?  It is a mystery to me why American politicians feel that they ought to be handled with kid gloves.

In the UK (also New Zealand, Australia, Canada and India)  the Prime Minister is required to front up in parliament on a weekly basis and answer the best verbal assault that the opposition parties can muster.  This forces the leaders of these countries to develop nice thick skins.  It also removes any illusions they might have about entitlement to deferential treatment.

By contrast, American leaders, who generally avoid unscripted situations whenever possible, are complete wusses.  Perhaps weekly ‘President’s Questions’ in Congress might toughen up the denizens of the White House so they don’t feel the need to cry like little girls when people don’t treat them nice.

  • Frank M

    There is indeed a conspiracy. IT is not of american creation though. All the stuff going on right now is not a conspiracy of the right or the left. There are outside forces at work here. The force is called international banking.

  • Mark 5

    I agree.Where does Clinton get this “vast right-wing conspiracy” theory from? I think the conspiracy he is talking about is just normal defensive reaction to a very left wing agenda he and others like him are pushing. Does he expect everyone just to concede to his views and follow his political beliefs without question? The problem with all Liberals is that they believe their way is the only way and that they have the moral high ground and that all others are misguided or just plain wrong. They are intolerant. It looks like Clinton is now using negative terms and scare tactics to describe his fellow citizens.I guess when all else fails, you try to assassinate the character of the opposition. Unfortunately, all he is doing is making himself look bad. Or perhaps he is trying to cover the fact that he is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy…

  • MadeleineT

    He’s complaining about the right wing conspiracy as if there were no left wing conspiracy.The fact that more than half of the Government are CFR members and so is the cabinet that Obama chose for his groupies make that statement about the right wing conspiracy laughable. There has been no President elect that got there wihtout the CFR’s approval, except for JF Kennedy and we know what happened to him. Do old Presidents ever go away? I hope Obama is n’t taking advice from Bill Clinton, wasn’t he ivolved in impeachment hearings or is that just another conspiracy theory. He’s right, the country is diverse, what with the people he brought in from Russia and Haiti and Tobago for the vote and all the illegals that are here now for the vote and of course with Sotomayer now in office , who is a member of LaRaza,that will help that along and guarantees the Latino vote, or is that another conspiracy theory?

  • worddust

    The left wing redistribution of wealth is more than a conspiracy, it is full blown theft and subversion of our Constitutional right to individual freedom and property ownership yet there is not a whisper or objection to this by the Major Media outlets. The Communist worm has eaten us from within. Senator Joe McCarthy was right on and history has proved it.

  • Renee Elliott

    I agree, the reason for Obama’s popularity regressing has nothing to do with an imaginary right wing, and everything to do with an awakening of the moderates, libertarians and independents. We are also witnessing a few dyed-in-the-wool liberals “awaken” in the last few months. Americans are living in precarious times and many wish to hold our leaders feet to the fire. I know that in my own life, I am held to a much higher standard when I am leading than when I am not.

  • YanushScott

    Based on these inane comments, it would appear that Clinton’s mind has been muddled by his long standing history of “Bimbo Eruptions.” Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy…I FEEL HIS PAIN!

  • AFSOC Shirt

    I am a Democrat/Republican (circle one). Therefor, anyone who disagrees with my political views is part of a vast Left/Right (circle one) Wing Conspiracy. When both parties claim to be moderate but are actually controlled by the extreme ends of that party, it is time for a 3rd party to step up. It has happened in the past, and will happen again.

  • http://msn wleit

    Of course, communists always fear the Right. However, in this case, NORMAL, AVERAGE Americans are getting together to oppose the un-constitutional expansion of government in our lives. Freedom is freedom from government!

  • http://yahoo Jeff

    I think Bill is trying to keep his name and face in the news. Bill just can not seem to stay out of the news, he had his time. So he thinks if I bring up this conspiracy theory that will give me more face time. I am sorry for you Bill you are full of bull#%. Go and sit your butt at home and enjoy what you have.

  • clr

    In the US – our politicians run and hide… or just act stupid. For example – here we are in terrible times, with our soldiers in Afghanistan and our Generals BEGGING to get the additional troops over there that is needed… our not only does our President say he doesn’t know what his strategy is, but he now takes off to go overseas to help his FORMER home town Chicago get the Olympics to the town. Huh??? Soldiers are DYING – and our idiot President can’t get himself out of the press cycle to sit at home and make DECISIONS? He deserves any kind of ill wind he gets. If my son dies because of his stupidity, I will shout from the Olympic rooftops what a moron he is.