Lou Dobbs – Humanitarian Genius

Posted by Deepish Thinker on September 05, 2007
Immigration, US Politics

In his latest thundering rant on immigration, that insightful genius Lou Dobbs quite rightly blasts the ungrateful scumbag president of Mexico for taking an utterly unwarranted interest in the welfare of those Mexican citizens sneakily trying to evade their justly deserved poverty north of the border.

The Mexican president should clearly be more worried about fixing problems at home. After all, the continued poverty there is scandalous. Particularly when you consider, as Mr Dobbs very cleverly does, the extraordinary assistance that the US so generously provides:

“The United States provides Mexico with an annual surplus of $65 billion in trade, an estimated $25 billion in remittances from Mexican citizens living and working here illegally, and at least another $25 billion generated by the illegal drug trade across our southern border.”

Never before had I considered the possibility that the international drug trade might be an exceedingly generous form of humanitarian assistance to the world’s less fortunate.

Less insightful commentators have suggested that the United States’ stubborn insistence on recreational chemicals being the exclusive business of criminal cartels might have had some minor negative effects on the rule of law in Mexico (not to mention the rest of Central and South America). However, when considered from the proper (Dobbsian) perspective, what might once have been characterized as a horrendous curse that breeds violence and corruption, while thoroughly undermining civil society, becomes truly enlightened social policy.

Lou Dobbs is clearly one of the towering intellects of this, or any other, generation.